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Beaker of 2 types of molecules in a grid, with a few molecules flying outside of the beaker
Beaker of 2 types of molecules in a grid, with a few molecules flying outside of the beaker

Educational Mission and Vision

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Unit 5:

Reactions don’t take place instantly as it seem to be much of the time. Discover how fast or slow reactants can transform into their products and all variables surrounding this rate.

Unit 7:

Some reactions don’t go to completion but reach a state that’s often referred to as “equilibrium”, in which reactants and products remain constant. This state can also be disturbed.

Unit 8:
Acids and bases

Substances can often be classified as either acids or bases. Learn about pH, acidity and the properties of these substances, as well as how these interact with each other.

This app is designed by a cognitive science team and chemical engineers specialized in science education. It uses a learning framework designed to be 700% better at teaching STEM than current simulations and animated modules for STEM learning, backed by cognitive research from Columbia University! Now available on the App Store and android versions coming soon pending customer donations.

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Interactive simulations

Tap, drag or shake to navigate through simulations and activities related to the units for the AP Exam.

Beautiful visuals

Awesome visuals that make your learning experience much more interesting. Preparing for your AP has never been easier.

Easy navigation

Navigate seamlessly between units and sections. Easily look how all concepts are related by having all topics in one app.

Different angles

Repeat the simulations as many times as you want to really understand all angles of each section.

Quizzes with +200 questions

Questions are modelled after real AP Chemistry exam questions. Get very detailed and thorough explanations for each possible answer.

Guided experience

Beaky the beaker will guide you through the simulations and explain you key concepts and equations as you go along.

Adjust to your convenience

Personalize your experience by setting the difficulty you feel more comfortable with. Retake the quizzes if necessary!

Advance at your pace

Go at your own pace through the simulations, you can take the time you find necessary in each section to understand every aspect of it.

Innovative tools

Chemistry concepts portrayed in ways you have never seen before. Drag, slide and tap your way through this simulations.

Measure your knowledge

Get a score for each quiz you take to see how you advance in each topic. Detailed explanations for each answer are provided.

Illustration of carbon symbol, an atom with surrounding electrons, and nuclear reactor

What is hyper learning?

We are visualizing STEM in ways never before and showing connections between concepts to make learning 700% faster or more (Virk, 2013), we call it hyper learning, and want to expand it all of the chemistry and all of physics and STEM for the students of the world with your help!

Based on a cutting edge doctoral dissertation at Columbia University and backed by cognition science.

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